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How to Promote New Blog

Those who are not new to blogging they must know what are the basic and best ways to promote your blog.But I am writing this post to the blogger who are new and they are searching for option to promote their blog online easily.I know there are many blogger who are passionate and made one blog in BlogSpot and trying to make some good post in it and they are trying to promote their blog.So that people will know about their blog and they will get some regular visitor to their blog.

There are a lot of ways to promote blog.But may be the new bloggers will not be able to adopt those and what i think promoting your blog in a lot of platform is not wise.But what they can do is they can promote their blog in 5-10 platforms which will give their blog maximum exposure.

Below i am writing about some platform where and describing where to promote the new blogs easily and i think these are the best ways to promote blog for a new blogger.
1. StumbleUpon

Yes, StumbleUpon.com is the best way to give you blog maximum exposure.StumbleUpon is a platform where you can promote your blog as well as a single page of your blog.You just need to Sing up in StumbleUpon and you need to add your link in the favorites.Then you will get one option named “Stumble” and you can start Stumbling.Stumbling means visiting others blog.If you visit others blog then your blog will also be visited by other people.The other blogger will get informed about your blog and you will get visitors and comment.

Some tips to share your blog in StumbleUpon
  • While sharing a page in stumbleupon always try to share a page having maximum number of “Pictures” because people do not have that much time to read your whole blog unless the post title is very attractive.But image speaks a thousand words.So,try to share a page with lot of images.If people will like the picture then they will go in to your blog and they will love to visit the blog.
  • Try to Stumble as much as you can.If you Stumble more, people will also visit your blog more.
  • While adding one page in StumbleUpon try to add the right tags.So that your blog page gets added in the right category.


I do not know whether you know about this or not but i am telling that if you add your blog in NetworkedBlogs.com then you are going to get a good number of visit from there.NetworkedBlogs are integrated in Facebook and you need to log in to Facebook if you want to add your blog to NetworkedBlogs.


You all know Twitter and how to sign up for Twitter.com.Make one Twitter account with your blog name and share each and every post in Twitter.Make a lot of follower in Twitter who are like minded as your blog.From that also you will get a lot of follower and visitor.

4.Facebook Fan Page

Facebook Fan Page is the most important part in these day.As Facebook is the most powerful social media these days so getting exposure in Facebook is very important.One one Facebook page with your blog name.Add all the details of your blog.Try to publish all they articles that you write in your blog in Facebook page.Always add some good, beautiful and stunning pictures in your Facebook page.Invite all your friends from the “Build Audience” option.This will make a lot of fans in your page.

5.Write Article In A Popular Blog In Your Local Area

Yes, try to find out an online blog in your area which is open to all and people can write article in that blog (Provided that the blog is popular).I am sure that you will get one popular blog in your region where everyone can post if they maintain a minimum quality.Publish post in those blog and in the post leave link of your blog technically.
You will get some real visitor from those posts and your blog will also get popular among the people in your area.This is a big advantage and inspiration while blogging.

6.Comment On Other New Bloggers Blog From StumbleUpon

Keep in mind that when you are sharing your site in StumbleUpon to get maximum exposure, other people are doing the same for the same reason.So, try to comment on their blog and do positive commenting with good explanation.Your comment must be relevant with the post.If you comment on their blog, others will also comment on your blog.This is a good idea to exchange comment.When you will get good comments from others you will get inspiration to make some good post in your blog.

Try the above procedures to get the extra traffic from your blog while promoting your blog.I will write more ideas of best ways to promote your blog.Until then keep concentration on these ideas.

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