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How to Make a Verizon Conference Call

Hey guys if you do not know then I want to inform you that if you are using a Verizon residence phone then conference call feature is available in your phone.You can use it as a per call basis or a monthly call basis.This is up to you in which way you are paying.Conference call allow you to add a third person while you are talking to a second person.
Please be noted that my post is not for those who knows the procedure already.I am just sharing this information for those people who do not know about this procedure of conference call in their Verizon conference call.I hope that this conference call feature will help some very basic people and they will be able to get this feature form their phone.

How to set up a Verizon Conference Call

1. At first left you Verizon handset and dial your first party that you want to call.Now wait for the first party to answer.You will be able to make the conference call anytime while talking to your second party.

How to Make a Verizon Conference Call
How to Make a Verizon Conference Call

2. Now press your “Flash” or “Hook” button and at first you will hear a short tone and then you will hear dial tone.

3. Then dial the number of your third party that you want to call.Now wait for the third party to answer your call.Your second party will not hear anything or will be in hold until the third party answers.

4. Now when the third party answers, you just press the “Flash” or “Hook” button to connect all parties.

This is all and in this way you will be able to make a conference call in your Verizon residence phone.

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