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How to Make A Free Conference Call in Skype

Skype is a high quality free VoIP conference call service for the internet users which allows user to make a free conference call.While doing a conference call in Skype you will be able to hear and see at the same time.Skype is totally free of cost to make a conference call.You can also call telephone numbers all around the world by paying Skype credit.The voice quality is very good in Skype.To make a free conference call you need to have install Skype in your laptop or desktop.If you do not have Skype in your PC then you can download it and install.You also need to have a Skype name.If you do not have any Skype name then you can create one.You must need one good broadband connection to make an uninterrupted Skype conference call.

Below are the steps to make a free conference call in Skype
1.  At first you need to download Skype from here and install it in your PC if you do not have Skype.If you already have Skype in you PC then it is good.Skype is available for MAC,Windows and also for Linux.

2.  You need to create one Skype user name if you do not have one.Then enter you user name and password to get logged in.Now the Skype will logged in and while logged in you will see one sound.

3.  Now you need to add the contact to whom you need to make a free conference call in skype.Just click on the “Add or Plus button” which is above your in the upper portion of your contact list.If you want to find or search your contact then just search by name or by email address and you will be able to find him.Then add and one add request will sent to him.When he adds you, that person will be in your contact list.

4.  Now to confirm whether your contact is online or not you will see one green signal and in between this one check mark.This means that the person is online.

5.  After assuring that the person is online just click on "Call" and then select “Conference call” and now add the people between whom you will start a conference call.Now wait for them to answer.

In this way you will be able to make a free conference call in Skype

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