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Common Mistakes of Getting Banned from Google Adsense

Hey guts today I am going to tell you common mistakes that leads to ban your Google Adsense account.Just read the whole article to avoid from get banned from Google Adsense.

1. Do not click on your own ads

This is very basic and i think every body knows that you are not allowed to click on your own ads.If you click on your own ads and Google can detect this then your Adsense is just gone! Many people think themselves as over smart and they click on their Ads from other PC.But somehow if they log into their account from those PC someday and Google can detect this then they are just red handed.

2. Do not send links of your blog to click on Ads

I have seen many people who send their blog url through chat and tell others to click on ads.Google can detect this kind of cheating and if it is been recognized then your Google Adsense account will get banned.

3. Do Not Place Ads Just Below Post Title in Blogger

If you are blogging in a subdomain like Blogspot then you are not allowed to place your ads just below post title.Google Adsense TOS does not support this kind of Ad placement right now.

4.Do not submit URL to auto surfing site

There are sites which auto surf your website.Please never ever submit your website URL to those sites.If you submit your blog URL with Adsense then your Adsense account will get disapproved within a few minutes.

5. Do Not Place any POP UP ads in your site

There are ad networks like Clicksor or Bidvertiser which supports pop up ads.If you place these ads with Google Adsense ads then your account will get disapproved or banned.

6. Do not insist your readers to click on ads

I have seen some people in the web who do some clever things and insist readers to click on their ads.I have seen some people who write above their Google Adsense Link unit the “Popular Posts links”.Which normally make the reader think that these are the link of the popular posts.So,they click on it.But this is cheating and if Google can catch these then your Adsense account will get banned.

7. Try Not To Mix The Ads With The Post

Sometimes people mix the Adsense ads with the post body using same color both for link and title.Then the ads are not recognizable, which can ban your adsense account.

8. Do Not Change Adsense Code

May be you know coding and you can change the adsense code as you like.But be remembered that do not even try to do so.This is against Google Adsense TOS.You cannot change Adsense Ads codes.

9. Do Not Place More Than 3 Ad Units and More Than 3 Link Units

Do not even think that you can place as much ad as you wish in your blog.Rather you are limited to use only 3 link units and 3 ad units in one page.If you use more than that then your Google Adsense account will get banned.

10. Do Not Confuse Your Readers With Adjacent Images

Sometimes webmasters use pictures and ads such that it seems that the image ad is not an ad.Rather readers think it as a picture and sometimes add that picture.This is not allowed.

Above are some common reasons which can ban your Adsense Account.There are other reasons which can also make your adsense account ban.But be sincere about your adsense account and do not do any kind of cheating.Then Google will not ban your adsense account.Google is lot more smarter than you.

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