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How to Easily Get Google Adsense Account

Hey guys today I am going to tell you some tricks to easily get Google Adsense account.Just complete read this article.
Following are some important points to easily get adsense account.
Point 1  
You must have to have a website or blog to integrate Google Adsense.If you do not have one blog then you can make one free blog easily in Google blogspot.You can also make one using domain registration and own hosting.
Point 2
You must will have to have at least 20 posts in your blog and the posts should be around more than 500 words in length.

The posts must be unique and Google will not tolerate any kind of plagiarism.If you have less than this number of post then you are not in the safe side.Cause Google Adsense is a very fair advertisement network and it will not allow ads if your site is not up to the mark.
Point 3
Your website must will have to have one “Privacy Policy”.Yes,this is very important and essential to get your Google Adsense application approved.According to Googles terms and condition (which you will not be able to write within a day!  ) your website must will have to have one “Privacy Policy”.You can “Click Here” to get one sample privacy policy or you can just copy the privacy policy in my website.You just need to change the “email address” and the URL of website.This is simple i think.Then add one extra page in your blog and you are done.
Point 4
Do not forget to submit your URL to some major search engine because Google will check this whether your website is indexed in some good search engines or not.Then also share the posts in Facebook and other social network to have some free visitor for your website.
Point 5
Leave your links in some do follow article submission sites comment field.This will drive your some traffic and also good to get approved.
Point 6
Make sure your website is having one decent professional look and do not make it too colorful.These days Google is also checking these things to Get the Google adsense application approved.
Point 7
Now you can apply for Google Adsense and please do not apply with the email account which is previously not approved and use your actual mailing address because later Google will send you your check and PIN number on that address.Now you are done.

I am sure if you follow the above points you will surely get Google Adsense approved in your blog and you can start earning.Another important thing,”Do not click on your own ads!”


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