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Easy Way to Update Windows Vista to Windows 7

Hey guys today I am going to tell you a simple trick to update your Windows Vista to Windows 7.Just follow my simple instructions.

Before you upgrade Windows Vista to Windows 7 note the following:
1.Download Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor software, then run the application to determine the parts of the software or drivers are required to be updated.
2.Vista Home Basic, can only be upgraded to Windows 7 Home Premium and Windows 7 Ultimate.
3.Vista Home Premium, can only be upgraded to Windows 7 Home Premium and Windows 7 Ultimate.
4.Vista Business, you can only upgrade to Windows 7 Professional and Windows 7 Ultimate.
5.Vista Ultimate, can only be upgraded to Windows 7 Ultimate (for more details, see the following picture).

6.Vista 32 Bit required Windows 7 32 Bit.
7.Vista 64 Bit required Windows 7 64 Bit.

For how to upgrade Windows Vista to Windows 7 is very easy, though sometimes there will be a problem. The problem that often happens is that the application in Windows Vista is not supported on Windows 7. Do not worry, go ahead, it's no big deal.

Problems are most at risk drivers problem. System so that Windows 7 will run smoothly and there are no problems, drivers must also be updated. Therefore, the internet connection is required after the update Windows 7 is completed.
Advantages use of way to upgrade is the application settings in Windows 7 system will not change much like Windows Vista before. So we do not need to repeat for a new install all applications again.

For how to upgrade Windows Vista to Windows 7 follow the steps below:

1.Insert the Windows 7 DVD into your computer DVD drive. DVD will play an AutoPlay dialog box and display the Install Windows. If not, double click the setup.exe file in the folder Windows 7 DVD.
2.To download, install and use Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor, click the Check Compatibility Online link to begin the upgrade to Windows 7, click Install Now.
3.In the dialog box Get Important Updates for Installation, will be asked whether the user wants to download update files to install Windows 7.
4.In the dialog box Please Read the License Terms, make sure you read and understand the End User Licensing Agreement (EULA). Select I Accept the License Terms, click Next.
5.In the dialog box Type Your Product Key for Activation, enter the product key of Windows 7, and make sure the option Automatically Activate Windows When I'm Online has been checked, to enable the Windows Product Activation. After entering the product key, press Next.
6.In the dialog box Which Type of Installation Do You Want?, Select Custom (Advanced) because you are running a full installation from Windows Vista installation available.
7.In the dialog box Where Do You Want to Install Windows?, You can choose the partition where you will install Windows 7, click Next.
8.In the setup application will display a warning that the selected partition contains the installation file from another windows system. After reading this information, click OK.
9.Windows installation dialog box will appear and the upgrade process will run. Restart the computer and Windows 7 is ready to run.

After Windows 7 upgrade process is complete, you can remove (delete) the folder along with the entire contents Windows.old. To delete a folder Windows.old you please follow the steps below:

1.Click Start >> All Programs >> Accessories >> System Tools >> Disk Cleanup.
2.Select Clean up system files to scan files before Windows installation.
3.Select the Previous Windows Installation option (s) to delete it from your computer.
4.Select OK >> Delete Files.

If it still unclear with my explanation above, please see the video step-by-step how to upgrade Windows Vista to Windows 7 from CNET.com here: