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Easy way to Hide a Specific Drive from your Computer

Today I am going to tell you a easy trick to hide a specific drive from your computer.Just follow me as you always follow.
1.  Go to start > run [Home key+R ].
2.  Type gpedit.msc  and press enter.
3.  Group Policy will appear, single click on Administrative Templates of User Configuration sub-menu from the left.

4.  Double click on Windows Components from the right. Then double click on Windows Explorer.
5.  Now see, a list of options are appeared. Double click on "Hide these specified drives in my computer" option from the list.

6. Select  Enable and apply it. You are done.

Note. If you want to show this drive again on my computer just follow the steps 1-6 and select Not Configured option and apply it.
Following image will help you to easily understand this trick.

To be more clear open this image in new tab or simply click on it.

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